AIRPORTS CONCESSION - Brazilian Aviation Agency (ANAC) launches CFP re. concessions of 3 major airports

On July, 25th, ANAC launched a Call for Projects (CFP) addressed to national and international companies interested in submitting projects for structuring the concession for expansion, maintenance and operation of the airports in Brasilia (JK), Campinas (Viracopos) and Guarulhos (Guarulhos International). 

The Agency expects to receive technical studies addressing best practices in airport infrastructure to the concession of the three largest Brazilian airports. 
The projects shall contain at least the following: market studies, environmental impact studies, engineering preliminary, economic and financial evaluation. The studies shall be submitted to all airports or individually. ANAC may approve or reject all or any of them.

If any study will be used by ANAC in the concession bidding process, its author shall be paid by the concessionaire. 

Companies have 10 business days from July 25th to express their interest on that CFP. 

Find below the link to CFP 001/2011. 


For the English version or more info contact me at jaymesilva3@gmail.com

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