Brazilian High-Speed Railroads: New CFB draft for HSR concession is now available. Public hearings to take place in Sep '12

Please follow the link below for accessing the documents listed below and others. All documents are in Portuguese. The Brazilian regulator (ANTT) did not post English versions of these documents on its website. Please contact me at jaymesilva3@gmail.com for more info:
  • Call of Public Hearing No. 126/2012 (PH 126);
  • PH 126 Procedures;
  • Summary Table;
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies;
  • Draft of the CFB;
  • Draft of the Concession Contract and Schedules;
  • Minimal Conditions for TOT;
  • Draft of Business Plan;
  • Terms and Conditions of Project Financing;
  • Pre-Qualifying Documents;
  • Qualifying Documents;
  • Draft of M&A of Incorporation;
  • Draf of Shareholders Agreement;
  • Auction Procedures;

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