New Article: The Brazilian High Speed Rail Program

Please check out my new article about private investments in transport infrastructure in Brazil, published today in TFI-News.

This is the second out of four articles I'll be authoring about private investments the Brazilian transport infrastructure to be published in TFI-News. In my first article, I had the opportunity to discuss the newly Brazilian Program for Investments in Logistics (PIL) and road concessions in Brazil.

In this second article, I bring valuable information about the Brazilian High-Speed Rail (HSR) Program for international players of the rail industry in order to assist them in their decision-making process. All information contained in this article was extracted from official documents publicly available. Due to space limitations, this material entails just the most relevant data and information unveiled by Brazilian regulators. A deeper legal study about HSR regulations in Brazil; public procurement and/or auction procedures will be available upon request.

The third and forth articles will address respectively airports and ports concessions in Brazil and the opportunities these concessions bring along to foreign investors. These are expected to be published in November and December, 2012.

I hope you all enjoy reading my materials.

Kind regards,

Mauricio Jayme e Silva

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